People who are interested in other cultures and languages enjoy talking at this club in Kyoto. You can make many friends here!

You can make many friends!!
It is free of charge for overseas perticipants!
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You can make many precious friends in Klexon as a volunteer English speaker!!

You can learn Japanese culture and language from Klexon. You can broaden your world of Japan very much :)

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Did you make as many friends as you imagined before you came to Japan? Of course, you have met many good friends in your school or workplace. It is, however, quite difficult to make more friends elsewhere, generally speaking.

In Kyoto International Club Klexon, we have 32 annual language meetings in a public conference room and about 30 events like parties, one-day trips, camping trips, and so on. You can make many good, good friends through the activities. Of course, you will also meet other overseas people there.

The language meeting is free of charge for overseas people. Your participation will be greatly appreciated as a volunteer English speaker, since all the Japanese participants would like to learn English and about your culture. Our events like parties or BBQ are resonably priced.

Why can you make such good friends in Klexon?

People who are really interested in learning English and foreign culture gather in Klexon.

Language meeting

They are selected through a review of their application form and an interview. So, the atmosphere of Klexon is very good! You can easily make many good friends in this friendly atmosphere.

The topics of the language meetings are like “festivals in your home country”, “what you want now”, or “Xmas presents in your childhood”. The meetings are always filled with smiles. You may also learn about some intersting information local to Kyoto.

VIDEO CLIP of our group is here! (quite large size 35MB, MP4)

VIDEO CLIP of our group is here! (small version for mobile, low definition)

Our events are another great way to make new friends. The language meetings are held a location accessible by mass transit.


You can experience what you can’t do by yourself in Klexon events. Our shiga branch's members also join in these events! So, you can meet people you wouldn't normally meet at Klexon's meetings.

The language meeting is held in a conference room near Karasuma-Oike, the center of Kyoto city. It is located in a convenient place acceble from all around Kyoto. Since the annual schedule is determined in advance, you can easily plan for them. The meeting starts from 19:00. You can join in it after school or after your job.

We started this club in 2006. You can view our long history online!

Pictures of our events:)

driving trip

 We upload pictures on the Internet almost every week! You can get a feel of the atomospher from the pictures.

Volunteer English speaker are really appreciated

Group work

The language meeting is free of charge for foreigners. Your participation will be greatly appreciated as a volunteer English speakers, since all our Japanese participants would like to learn English and about your culture. Events cost a little but you will know how much it costs in advance. You can join in our meetings or events. Of course, there is no obligation so please come by whenever you have time.

Member comments

  • Kyle(30) left a letter when he went back to Canada (shortened):I had really good experiences in Klexon such as the meetings, the parties and the camping trips! Thank you very much for your organization. ありがとうございました!
  • Voice from Sayaka(22):I started to join in this club to prepare to go to Canada with WH VISA. I met some Canadians here. I thank them very much for their kind advices for going to Canada.
  • Voice from David(33):I found this group on the Internet. Since I wanted to meet new people, I decided to join in. I feel glad to teach Engish and talk about my country's culture to the Japanese participants. I have also learned many things from them.

This is the only international language club that is open to everyone in Kyoto.

You can register on our website at anytime :)

Entry form

If you are interested in our club, you can register from our website at anytime. It takes about 15 minutes to send the registration form. Your registration will be reviewed within two or three days. It is so easy!!

There are some international clubs in some universities or in some communities in Kyoto. However, Klexon can be applied by any people regardress of their nationalities or occupations. This means you can meet people from all sorts of different backgrounds.

You will make many friends in this club! Please don't miss this opportunity!

We hope you will make many great memories of Japan in our club.

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You can meet many irreplaceable, precious friends in Klexon!! You can learn about Japanese culture and the language from our members. You can broaden your world in Japan so much :) Language meetings are free of charge. Registration is easy! Location is convenient. No risk!!

Please sign up :)

You can see how to join in our club here!


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